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  • Haydn, We have seen numerous occurrences of machine degradation after maintenance efforts have been performed (typically misalignment).  Having historical machine data could be valuable in order to formulate baselines and 'normal' operating data while ...

  • A Message from SMRPCO

    It has come to the attention of the SMRPCO Certification Commission that unauthorized vendors are ‎offering practice exams ostensibly resembling the CMRP and CMRT examinations. Many of these ‎questions are from the Official SMRPCO Practice Tests or potentially ...

  • Haydn - Two points: 1. Most equipment fails randomly, after the initial infant period. So, you should only work on equipment that has been demonstrated to have a defect that creates an impending failure. Meaning that you should have ...

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  • Hi Andrew I couldn’t agree with you more, with the current manufacturing restrictions in terms of lead time, material availability, and manpower reduction after the pandemic. I believe MOQ formula can be only valid for academic purposes max. Now most ...

  • Cmrp Question??

    Hi I appreciate your assistance

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  • 2023 SMRP Board Nominations

    The Nominating Committee is accepting applications from qualified leaders who have a strong desire to shape the future of the maintenance, reliability and physical asset management profession. The committee is responsible for developing a slate of Officer and Director nominees to serve on the SMRP Board of Directors. 

    This year, the committee is seeking candidates to fill the SMRP Secretary, and two Director positions. 

    Nominations will be accepted until July 1, 2023.