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  • Do you want to design an excel spreadsheet that will track min-max or you want an inventory application software that will track it?? ------------------------------ [Segun] [, MEM] [QA/QC & Parts Person] [British Columbia] [] ...

  • To carry out Asset criticality assessment you will need to have a "Bow-tie" session with subject matter experts and stakeholders, where the criticality of individual equipment will be accessed and assigned "level of criticality", if the facility has a ...

  • This is an incredibly complex question as there are many offerings, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Several solid competitors have been mentioned. There are also add-ins for many other legacy offerings like SAP that accomplish exactly what ...

  • There are several good resources for this: Chapter 5 of Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices 3rd edition by Ramesh Gulati Chapter 4 of Cover your Assets by Dr John L Ross Jr the entire book Smart Inventory Solutions 2nd edition by Phillip ...


  • Participate in GFMAM’s Global Asset Management Survey

    The Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM), with its extensive network across various global regions and industries, is launching a comprehensive survey to capture unique insights into the Asset Management sector. This project aims to harness the collective knowledge of GFMAM's diverse member societies, creating a thorough overview of current Asset Management practices, challenges, and trends worldwide.
    The survey’s findings, presented in a detailed report, will serve as a valuable resource for benchmarking, strategizing, and forecasting the sector's future. It is a significant step towards fostering enhanced collaboration, sharing best practices, and elevating global Asset Management standards. We warmly invite professionals to contribute their expertise and insights, playing a pivotal role in this global dialogue and endeavor.
    GFMAM Survey
  • 2023 SMRP Board Nominations

    The Nominating Committee is accepting applications from qualified leaders who have a strong desire to shape the future of the maintenance, reliability and physical asset management profession. The committee is responsible for developing a slate of Officer and Director nominees to serve on the SMRP Board of Directors. 

    This year, the committee is seeking candidates to fill the SMRP Secretary, and two Director positions. 

    Nominations will be accepted until July 1, 2023.