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  • Hi Luke - I will be traveling to our Atlanta area plants that week but could certainly join through the Teams link when you have it ------------------------------ Theresa Paetsch Lead Reliability Engineer Sherwin-Williams Company Cleveland OH ----- ...

  • Hello Everyone, Thank you for the great feedback! Some additional information based on the feedback, this bearing assembly is a specialty design. It is the NDE bearing (fixed bearing) on a mine ventilation fresh air supply fan ( as stated, custom ...

  • SMRP Members, Join us for a kickoff of SMRP Chicagoland Chapter events for 2024. We are hosting a networking event, dinner, and chapter planning session to reengage with SMRP peers and start a regular cadence of meetings and events. We look ...

  • RE: Exam time

    Hi the 180 minutes for the exam+introduction to how to use simulator+break time if used ------------------------------ Noureldin Gharib Electrical Engineer giza ------------------------------

  • Exam time

    I have a exam scheduled next week with PearsonVue for my CMRT, on the SMRP website it claims I will have 180 minutes for the test but when I scheduled the exam with PearsonVue they show the exam length is only 155 minutes. Has anyone else ran into this ...

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    The survey’s findings, presented in a detailed report, will serve as a valuable resource for benchmarking, strategizing, and forecasting the sector's future. It is a significant step towards fostering enhanced collaboration, sharing best practices, and elevating global Asset Management standards. We warmly invite professionals to contribute their expertise and insights, playing a pivotal role in this global dialogue and endeavor.
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