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Paper Topic on American Studies

  • A Supreme Court Law Review of Anti-War Protest in American History

In this paper an essay writer will select five case that have to do with anti-war protest in the American Supreme Court. By understanding the rulings of these cases, we can see limitations on First Amendment rights in these rulings.

  • A Thesis Dissertation on Problems and Solutions in the Governance of Immigration and Naturalization Services in the United States

This dissertation will offer some insights into how the Immigration and Naturalization Services failed to give the proper defenses against 9/11. In light of an historical outlook on this governmental administration, we can why the more efficient Department of Homeland Security was founded to prevent further terrorist attacks. By addressing current modes of immigration policy in modern times, we can see how Arab Americans fare under this new governmental regime. 

  • Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt - A comparison of two presidents in national crises.

This essay compares and contrasts two American presidents, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt, who both navigated the U.S. through difficult times. We will focus on their styles of leadership in their respective political crises: the Civil war, and the Great Depression, respectively, in hopes of making some suggestions on the nature of unwavering leadership in the pursuit of national interest. Wherever possible, this essay will use the words of the presidents themselves to demonstrate the centrality and significance of language as a means of actualizing a strategy. 

  • Abraham Lincoln on Leadership.

An Analysis on the leadership of Abraham Lincoln. By understanding the foundations of leadership that Abraham Lincoln used in his life, we can see the sources of such qualities as intelligence, ethics and values in his example. 

  • Abraham Lincoln: An Analysis.

This three-page undergraduate paper examines the wartime leadership of Abraham Lincoln, discusses to what degree he deserves his reputation, and analyzes where Lincoln should be praised and where he should be criticized.

  • Addressing the Battle of Antietam from Its Impact on Military Strategy.

This paper addresses the Battle of Antietam in terms of its significance as a military victory, and how this battle helped to change the conduct of war during its era. This paper demonstrates that the fighting tactics used by the Union Army at the Battle of Antietam helped prove that a small, maneuverable fighting force could win over superior firepower, demonstrating that a lack of strategy could not be compensated through weaponry. Through doing so, it can be seen how the Battle of Antietam helped redefine war protocol to a significant degree.
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  • Admiral Hyman Rickman, the Nuclear Navy, and Commerical Nuclear Power Industry

This paper is a description of the contributions that Admiral Hyman Rickover made regarding the United States's Nuclear Navy as well as regarding the commercial nuclear power industry. As such, this paper examines the control that Rickover exercised over the Nuclear Navy for thirty years. Additionally, some discussion will be made of Rickover's involvement in the Three Mile Island disaster.

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