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Carcharodon Limited
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I have been extremely lucky with my career to date. I have worked across five continents in a wide variety of environments from the world’s largest oil refinery to a small cider brewery. I have had excellent training and I have worked with some outstanding people.

My career has progressed through three phases:

1. As a graduate engineer working in one of the world’s largest Chemical Companies I learnt some class-leading industry methodologies and the importance of taking a very practical approach to getting things done.
2. Working for a large consultancy expanded my knowledge of industry best practice whilst also adding management consulting skills and experience to compliment this.
3. Finally, I started Carcharodon, my own consultancy. This has given me the experience of running my own business and creating something new.

When I started Carcharodon it was with the aim of setting a new standard by bringing together industry best practice and change management whilst also adding a level of flexibility, customer focus and innovation that larger companies cannot match. Winning the UK Chemical Industry Association award for Excellence in Engineering across the UK was a big milestone, but will not stop our ambitions to continue to develop our offer even further.

I am currently dividing my time between consulting and training with clients in the UK and overseas. The majority of this is with major blue chip companies such as BP and Total but I also work with smaller companies and organisations from outside industry.