Olumuyiwa Okediran


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United States


As a young boy through adulthood, I have had an innate curiosity and a unique talent for transforming discarded items into something useful. Little did I know at the time that this hobby was helping develop essential skills that would make me a dynamic problem-solver and challenge accepter, ready to act and change my environment for the better. It was the foundation upon which I built important skills and values that enhanced my experience as a facilities technician.
     Throughout my career, I have successfully implemented strategies to improve efficiency and minimize downtime, resulting in cost savings and improved overall operations. My ability to identify and resolve issues quickly and effectively has earned me a reputation as a reliable and trusted team member.
     As a Reliability Maintenance Technician, I am committed to ensuring that all equipment and systems are running smoothly and efficiently. Beyond my abilities in transforming discarded items, I have also developed a keen eye for spotting potential and opportunity in unlikely places and a proactive approach to maintenance and repair. I am skilled in conducting routine inspections, troubleshooting complex problems, and implementing preventive maintenance measures.
    In addition, I can be seen as an introvert but a strong communicator and collaborator. I am always seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge and stay up to date with the latest advancements in technology trends. Far beyond scrounging for materials, I see the untapped potential in people and situations and always looking for ways to bring out the best in others and create positive change.
    Outside of work, I am an avid reader and love to explore new topics and ideas. I find inspiration in music, books and articles that challenge my thinking and broaden my perspective. I am also a talented painter and enjoy expressing my creativity through art. I find joy in creating unique DIY projects, or finding creative uses for everyday items. These hobbies not only bring me satisfaction but also fuel my continuous learning and growth. Traveling with my family is a passion of mine, as it allows me to experience different cultures and landscapes. 
    In summary, the valuable skills and values that my childhood scavenging adventures have instilled in me has helped my commitment to excellence and a passion for continuous process improvement.