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As the final contribution to hisprofession, Richard Lamb is striving to get started the new age of achievable operational excellence. The new age entails tapping into a firm’s grassroot culture of systems, software and skills to become “data-driven-capable” and then weave into its data-driven functioning the insight deliverables of advanced analytics to ask and answer five essential performance questions (relationship, difference, time series, duration and apparency) we could not before.

Accordingly, Richard guides organizations, through seed operatives, managers and subject matter experts, to act upon discovering that they already have all that is necessary in their operating systems, software and skills to quickly and cost free become data-driven-capable and, in turn, weave the five questions into its data-driven operation.

This quest shares the outcome of Richard’s own new-age strategy to learn and weave data science into the acumen of almost 40 years as an adviser in business strategy, finance and operations; preceded by 6 years as a manager of complex civil engineering projects.

Richard is a Certified Public Accountant, Registered Professional Engineer and Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Has published two books presenting new ideas for reliability and maintenance management framed in business strategy: Availability Engineering and Management for Manufacturing Plant Performance, and Maintenance Reinvented for Business Performance. He has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration from the University of Houston and a graduate-level Applied Statistics Certificate from the Texas A&M University, Department of Statistics.